Spreading the “Fun Gag Gift” Words!

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Comic Novelty Gift? Affordable Secret Santa present? Retro Faux Nostalgic Medicine Show Elixir? Steam punk Time Travel Decor Tonics? Are these questions relating to what "AntiPills" bottles should be called, or are they simply a way to put Search Engine Optimization keywords into this blog post? If you guessed the latter . . you qualify to be a shrewd snake oil entrepreneur, hawking quack cures for imaginary diseases!

Seriously, I've spent more time than I'd like going over what an army of freshly cropped up "experts" are claiming to be the most effective ways of making your website really stand out and catch the attention of the entire world. A small portion of them actually are skilled, studied and meticulous professionals who know what they're doing and can genuinely help your business

Horses and Vans both stop in traffic
SEO speeds ahead and my slow horsey plods behind. Frowney Face.

with useful practices and suggestions. Sadly, most of the rest don't offer suggestions so much as make proclamations of irrefutable FACT about what will put you at the very TOP of everyone's search engine results and give you and your little corner of the Internet the celebrity status of The Beatles and SPOCK combined. And so many of them speak with such confidence and gravitas, you'd think they've been bugging the offices of google engineers and pouring over all the super secret algorithms and memorizing them by turning them into illuminated manuscripts.

Having stepped into this with a long term, "Big Picture" perspective, I'm instantly at a disadvantage. I keep thinking in terms of years and decades. Watching trends, fads and habits flare up and die away in slow waves. It only points up my point of view as out-dated. Today . . .this minute . . . there ARE no "big picture" working models nor is it useful to apply the idea of "long term". The Speed of change initiated by the world wide web and how little trinkets like mine are sold, along with how people and their buying habits are tracked is so exponentially fast, it would give Alvin Toffler screaming nightmares. ( Yes . . I'm old.)

So . . I'll tinker away here and follow whatever my digital instincts ( is that even a real thing? ) tell me to do, so that people who may get a laugh out of my joke jars at least get to SEE them. I just have to remember that distribution and recognition of everything from comedy to bric-a-brac takes time. I have to thank you for reading this far. Thank You! . . To me, that means you've already sent a link to this site out to your friends so they can get a smile out it, and as Lucky Jack Aubrey would say . . ."You can't ask for fairer than that." 🙂