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,Dwingle and Prunque's_Natural 20 Tablets
,Rictus_Barnfang's Anti Truth Tablets
,lady_heathertons_tincture_of_strumpetLady Heatherton's Tincture of Strumpet
,king_mungos_anti-death_tabletsKing Mungo's Anti-Death Tablets
,lydia_landsingers_luck_loaded_lozengesLydia Landsinger's Luck Loaded Lozenges

,baron_malvolios_whoreson_villain_extractBaron Malvolio's Whoreson Villain Extract
,ethel_triptomeens_other-land_snuffEthel Triptomeen's Other-land Snuff
,pizmo_and_stankles_anti-aggravation_pillsPizmo and Stankle's Anti-Aggravation Pills
,dame_dingos_anti-psychic_psalveDame Dingo's Anti-Psychic Psalve
,jethro_ballpeens_instant_handyman_formulaJethro Ballpeen's Instant Handyman Formula

,lisa_wilaminas_terror_pillsLisa Wilamina's Terror Pills
,doctor_boilergrunts_anti-women_pillsDoctor Boilergrunt's Anti-Women Pills
,madam_zagtanglers_anti-men_pillsMadam Zagtangler's Anti-Men Pills
,hunk_holloways_gigolo_dropsHunk Holloway's Gigolo Drops
,muriel_cheetbites_anti-nature_pillsMuriel Cheetbite's Anti-Nature Pills

,john_smiths_super_spy_supplementJohn Smiths Super Spy Supplement
,Chelsy Chummer's Champion Chess ChewsChelsy Chummer's Champion Chess Chews
,syrus_wigglers_anti-invisibility_pillsSyrus Wiggler's Anti-Invisibility Pills
,tango_rattlebacks_anti-ghost_gobulesTango Rattleback's Anti-Ghost Gobules
,abner_grabbits_executive_embrocationAbner Grabbit's Executive Embrocation

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