D&D 5e Mad Magic Table

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Anim5's d100 Mad Magic Table It always kinda’ bugged me that the official “Wild Magic Table” allowed for rolling to get any random number between 1 and 100, but there are only 50 possible results? Here’s a home-made table with 100 UNIQUE possible outcomes. 🙂 It would fit well in a light-hearted game with folks who really enjoy the RP of a comical situation. I wouldn’t recommend it for a serious, gritty, completely story driven campaign, ’cause it could end up breaking the mood or killing a vital NPC. Hope you have fun with this: http://anim5.com/anti-pills/30-JULY-2018_d100_mmt.html
UPDATE 05-FEB-2022
I borrowed from myself and the list above, in order to fill out a random list of 100 magic items.
It’s part of a TROVE of lists for both players and DM’s. Click the picture and check them out. 😉