Realistic D&D World Maps From Meat Photos?

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I think I should have placed this here long ago. I must apologize.
This site wouldn’t normally be so lax and behind schedule, it’s just that
. . . I’M running it. ;P

So . . . here is My outrageous paint program discovery for creating entire WORLDS
out of food photos! I got so jazzed up about it I put 5 tutorial videos up
on YouTube. ( And then took them down because they were AWFUL.)

Dec 18, 2016
It’s so strange and yet it works amazingly well !
Need your own planet for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or any other Tabletop
Role Playing Game?
You can get the foundations of massive world campaign maps that look
totally random and organically realistic, by reducing food photos to 2 color Black and White.

Go from an image of a hot meal (not ALL, just some) to a Fantasy Planet for an RPG using
totally free software!


Inspired in a truly chaotic manner by “Critical Role”, graphics
programs and roast beef.

Use a free Paint program if you don’t have one.
I’d recommend or GIMP. Along with InkScape for finishing it off.


Superb Tutorials by WASD20 for Drawing Your Maps by Hand:

Excellent Inkscape tutorials by Nick Saporito: