Wherefore art thou Pizmo?

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Why have an identifier like “Calvin Pizmo” in my AntiPills tumblr, and Twitter and  etc. social media stuff? Well . . . for one thing it’s a lot easier to say, spell and remember than “anim5″.

The very FIRST AntiPills Culprit to be featured among these Joke Jars.
When diving for comedy . . . always look for the still waters and the hard chair.

Anim5 has been my online handle and identity since 1994. ( When modems made that awful FAX noise when connecting to bulletin boards.) Anim5 came from an animation file format that was used by the AMIGA computers. Yes… It’s obscure, out-of-date and easy to to hear incorrectly as “Adam 5″. A Bane from the beginning to be sure.

So . . when twitter wanted a User Name . . and, of course, “AntiPills“ was already taken . . it became necessary to have a Name connected with this comical land of joke jars. The very FIRST character ever crafted for my comical little bottles was Colonel Calvin T. Pizmo . . a retired officer from who knows or cares WHAT army . .he just had some cash to invest in something to sell.

And so… by virtue of being FIRST in creation along with having a classy hat he has been chosen to be the face and name for AntiPills on all of my social media. 🙂  ( Also, among all of the portraits in the AntiPills line-up . . his seems to show the entrepreneur least likely to have rabies.)*



*Alright, I’ll admit it. It’s the only portrait of ME that doesn’t display ALL of my chins. Yay graphics programs!