Putting on the Blindfold and Learning to Ski in ‘Real Time’

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Yay!! The Funny Bottles are now for sale . . for realsies!

It’s official. Maybe. I guess . . . I mean when I say “Official” what does mean? What OFFICE is putting some kind of seal of reality on this whole ecommerce thing?

Maybe I should just say . . I went and installed all the digital pipes, valves and gizmos that are supposed to make this website work if folks actually want to OWN an Antipills bottle. I also tried to make the price realistic for what is costs to pay for the site, the plug-ins, themes, bottles etc . . and I Have to say . . I like MY comedy bottles as a gift idea.. way more than .. say . . . “Lanky Bandles”. ( you know what I’m rhyming with here.)

I’m liking the thought of gifts that won’t get thrown away.

While those wonderful smelling “Lanky Bandles” make nice gifts . .  they’re not especially funny. They’re tasteful, but not exactly “unique”. If you own one, you’re only going to set it on fire or throw it away or do both in that order. PLUS . . . they cost a LOT. ‘Just Sayin’ . .  you know? Anyway . . sorry . . . I don’t mean to be painting such a cruel picture of scented candles as a gift . . they’re really very nice.


“I just like my joke jars with the silly labels better, ’cause it might make somebody laugh if you give them one.”


It’s a LOT more likely that . . as a gift . . . an Antipills bottle won’t get thrown out. And they’re a LOT less expensive than Gold Bracelets, Bouquets of Flowers ( which ALSO get thrown out . . ) and “Lanky Bandles”.

But the real reason for this blog entry is simply to Mark the occasion and the date! And to shout proudly that Antipills is ready for road testing! The info is all filled in to the best of my understanding after wrestling with WordPress and it’s plug-ins. I’ve decided to just tape on the skis, leap onto the steep snowy hill.. cover my eyes and hope the site doesn’t hit a tree! 🙂

Thanks for reading my “official” GRAND OPENING blog entry . . and even if you’re not inclined to buy an Antipills bottle . . do be a friend and mention in emails to folks you know about antipills.com. You don’t have to send them an actual Jar to make them smile. 🙂