An apology and an update. 06-APRIL-2020

Antipills label sales are temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future.

If you have seen an amusing label here and are GENUINELY interested in
getting a copy to print and put on a jar of your own, please send an email to:






( I trust you’ll know better than a spambot how to turn those lines above into an email address. )

and I will simply send it to you at no charge. Please put the word NUGGET somewhere in the subject line.

For the curious, a few reasons for the change:

  • A long-term history of this site costing FAR more than my sales could cover. ( Total sales did not even cover the cost of the SSL )
  • The automated filters most servers have in place to look for and BLOCK the word “pill” appearing in ANY ads or links ( thus blocking my little comedy site entirely from anyone’s view. Expensive lesson for me. )
  • Chronic and repeated glitches, breakage, errors and in general a “broken” checkout process from the very beginning, whether domestic or international.
  • Relentless spambot targeting of my posts from foreign and domestic sellers of “the blue pills”. ( ‘Had to delete 38,000+ comments before making this update today.)
  • My own abysmal failure at promoting these labels and bottles using social media or any other avenue.
  • If I discover some way to monetize the months of work that went into these labels and bottles, I’ll try again. My deepest thanks to ALL who were kind enough to make purchases here. Especially the Actual bottles. 😉