Hey England-Scotland-Ireland-Canada-Europe-South America-Asia!

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(For that matter . . Hey anybody with an internet connection anywhere in the world – USA included.)
Now you can download my Original Working Label Files and
bring AntiPills into your world instantly for ONE U.S. Dollar each.


It took nearly a year, but I do believe I’ve succeeded in breaking through my thickest layer of stupidium. (If this element is not in the periodic table, I have to wonder why. It’s got a greater density than gold and lead combined.)

I’ve gotten many requests for AntiPills bottles from outside the US, and many messages of disappointment over the fact that I don’t ship worldwide.

The solution to this was staring me right in the face. Not a “Perfect” solution, but a very, very good one.


The FUN part of AntiPills is not empty glass jars. It’s the Labels.


And the Labels can travel to YOU in the form of “Electric Atomies” along the Faerie-Sprite highway I seem to have forgotten I’m using already.

So . . . AntiPills can now proudly adorn your collection of oddities at an OUTRAGEOUSLY lower cost than paying to send empty bottles to a place far away that already HAS empty bottles.
It is my understanding that glass, bottles and jars were, in fact, INVENTED over there in Europe, so it’s your idea ANYWAY!

Label Downloads Get AntiPills to you INSTANTLY
Label Downloads Get AntiPills to you INSTANTLY

Shipping actual, physical AntiPills bottles across oceans and borders makes the shipping charges far exceed the price of the actual product.

Suppose you wanted two “Dwingle and Prunque’s Natural Twenty Tablets” bottles in Norway.

Here’s the breakdown – –

2 Actual Bottles @ $9.95 each     = $19.90

Shipping to Norway for 2 Bottles  = $27.50 <<== YES… I checked this at my local Post Office.

TOTALING  $47.40 ( US )

Nearly 50 bucks for just two home-made, novelty Medicine Bottles.

An outrageous expenditure  . . but moot anyway, since I don’t ship overseas.


The Common Sense Alternative:

Download the Labels you want and put them on empty jars already near you.

They’re Hi-Rez .PNG image files –  3.5″high x 9″wide @300dpi ( They are exactly the same files I print when I make these bottles.)

You can visit the full instructions page right here, for printing, sealing and applying the labels to as many jars, bottles or containers as you want. All you need to do is find a jar or bottle that will work for you, and re-size the image to fit it. Price:  $1.00 (US)

A No-Brainer?  I think so.


As of this writing, that means you could have the ENTIRE collection of AntiPills on your shelf for $18.00 and a weekend of crafting. ( And eighteen empty pickle or jam or peanut butter jars I guess. )

With a Downloaded Label, YOU decide what container it should go on.
With a Downloaded Label, YOU decide what container it should go on.
300 dpi means no loss of quality with re-sizing.
300 dpi means no loss of quality with re-sizing.

I have no doubt that you can obtain a glass or plastic jar right where you live that looks right and is close enough to a workable size for my labels.


You may even be purchasing something JUST RIGHT every week when you go grocery shopping.


Even if you want to use EXACTLY the size and type of bottle I use and ordered yourself a dozen, you would STILL be paying far less for your AntiPills by printing and applying the labels yourself.
( By the way . . here is where I get them : http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-20592/Jars/Amber-Wide-Mouth-Glass-Jars-16-oz?keywords=S-20592 )

This of Course, applies to USA customers as well . . . If you’d like an actual, fully-made AntiPills Bottle shipped whole and complete to you… by all means please order the $9.95 product. . .  but You Too can save $$$ with just a printer, paper sealer, some glue, and some empty Jars. 🙂


Do you doubt your labeling skills? No need to take a risk.

containerTake THIS LABEL for Free. (Click here for the large image TEST LABEL) It’s exactly the same size and print resolution as The $1.00 label downloads.

5 Meg PNG file
Try it out some time. This Label is FREE so you can test out the idea.

Take a look at the Label Instructions Page. Find yourself a few jars or bottles that you think might work, and re-size the Test Label to fit them. Does it look distorted? Is the Print hard to read? Do you need a different sized container? Does it look Good enough to work for you?… Readable text? Pictures not too distorted? There you go then! Print out the Test label and coat the paper with sealer. Let everything dry . .cut it out and glue it on. . . If the Test Label works for you, You’re all set!

Use the free Test Label to try it out, and all you spent money on was some sealer and glue!


If you’re too far away from ULINE or their shipping is too expensive, and you’re not finding the jar or bottle you want from your local grocery store, check local supply houses, thrift shops or flea markets for exactly the kind of container you’re interested in using.

This could come in VERY handy for gift-giving season too. Once you have your own collection of Self-Made AntiPills, order more jars from the supplier where you live, and you can have ready made presents for birthdays, anniversaries and Holiday events like “Critmas” *


How cool is an AntiPills Bottle of your own making that costs $1.00 and NO SHIPPING?

How cool is it that you can print out and make as many as you want so long as you have the bottles to put the labels on?

This solution makes me happy. It isn’t as perfect as no-cost instant teleportation of actual bottles from my workbench to your front door, but it lets AntiPills cross Oceans!


*Click here for an explanation of “Critmas”. 🙂