Ladies of the Smart Set all Know . . . Men are Superfluous Scum.

STOP Kissing Frogs Young Lady !  Belong to Yourself !


Sister! Haven't you got a book to write? A painting to paint?
Music to compose or even a nice quiet spot in a garden to visit? Better
yet, haven't you got an hour or two to spend with your girlfriends
watching a moving picture show? These very special pills won't keep the
rodentia known as "men" away from you. Only YOU can do that. What they
WILL do, if you take them regularly, is  remind you to keep
your life and your time MAN FREE!! The minute you let your defenses
down, you'll forget what infuriating, pathetic, boorish and transparent
little weasels these men always ARE!


Keep taking my remedy and avoid eye contact. One accidental
smile, a chuckle at a joke or even a nod at a party and suddenly you'll
be stuck trying to fend off a farting, belching, scratching "meat wall"
who won't learn your name nor keep his hands to himself. Need someone
to talk to?  Puh-Leeze!! Take another PILL Sweetheart! Why
bother trying to show these tragically stupid reptiles that you have a
mind? Look for HIS mind, his soul or even his personality. All you'll
come up with is a deck of cards, a nudey magazine and a bottle opener.

© 2015 - This Novelty/Entertainment container was sold empty. Do not ingest
any contents, edible or otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!


They'll strut about, so very proud of having invented the
telephone, but do they remember how to USE it? Sure, some of them start
out ok enough. You might even get to step out for a night or two with a
real Prince. But keep this bottle handy Kid! After a few short days the
"Prince" wears off  and you're suddenly arm-in-arm with a
grotesque creature possessing septic breath, a sandpaper face and the
hygiene of a bonobo monkey.

"My wife Daisy took only a Single Dose of Madam Zagtangler's Anti-Men
Pills. Now, she looks right through me as if I weren't even here! . . .
so, basically . . .no change.."  - Satisfied Customer

If you would rather hear your dog bark at a crow than hear a
man tell you he "loves" you - Well Done Sister! The Pills are working!
Stock up on these tasty reminders and share them with your friends! An
ounce of man prevention NOW is worth a ton of tissues later, or hours
of lost sleep and YEARS of wondering how these wretched swine can
function at all. Sweep "MAN" into the bin along with his empty bottles
and filthy underwear. He'll be perfectly happy playing with his one,
very obvious "On-Off" switch.

 A Healthy Serving of Clarity and Resolve In Every
Dose !