World Class Poets Cannot Describe the Awful Taste. . . . They are, without a doubt, truly dreadful.

An Experience so Noxious it TAMES the Foulest POISON !

Celebrate our good fortune that these Terror Pills have been
created and released in the Age of the Motion Picture! The results of
taking them can be captured on film forever!  Patrons of this
odious product have been known to spray themselves in the face with
MACE in order to obtain relief after swallowing one! Don't run out! Buy
TWO Bottles!

 Immediate side effects may include tearing out fist
fulls of your hair, leaping joyfully into a blast furnace, successfully
attempting to stuff your own leg down your throat or gleefully
devouring several buckets of chopped dry ice mixed with carpeting tacks
and boiling mercury. Enjoy!

Invite a friend to try one with you !

 © 2015 - This Novelty/Entertainment container was sold empty.
Do not ingest any contents, edible or otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!

Forests have been cleared of wildlife simply by opening the Jar !!

   It took a lovely and innocent young woman
to finally develop a pill with NO medical benefits whatsoever, but
possessing a taste that combines a multitude of hideous stenches! From
Zoo Cage to Leather Tannery to Simmering Summer Sewage, these pills
invoke them ALL and taste even WORSE! They do not "tickle" the palate.
They smash it repeatedly with a Lead Hammer wrapped in hot barbed wire.

" I took only a SINGLE DOSE of Lisa Wilamina's Terror Pills of Deadly
Wretched Horribleness. I dunked my head in a bucket of ammonia and
blindly scribbled notes to my wife Daisy begging her to KILL ME! " -
Satisfied Customer

"A single dose will turn your brain to lava, explode your bones, transform your clothing into eels and drop you to the ground shrieking in spectacular fits of gruesome agony." - Lisa W.


Take only after a full meal for splendid party entertainment!