Bid your days as a wall flower farewell ! . . . Take my formula and fill your own dance card!

The Way to a man's heart? Who cares about his HEART?

Are you harboring fears that your spouse sees you as an
abrasive, odious harpy instead of the wanton, ambling nymph you know he
really desires? Well Sister, you may now banish prudery and fortify
your womanly ardour for a magical night of wedded bliss!* Just a few
small doses of Lady Heatherton's Tincture will transform you from a
timid, frigid and untouchable ‘ice maiden’ into the wild and insatiable
harlot you know you wish to be. *(Neither a ceremony nor state of
wedlock are prerequisites for the alleged efficacy of this product.)

?? What Is The Lady's Secret??

On one of her adventures in the exotic colonies, Her Ladyship
came across a RARE HERB in the wilds of Mahwah New Jersey. A local
Shaman identified the rare and shimmering plant for her
as "Septiva-Phedinkus-Hot-cha-cha-vium".  It is this
ethereal flora that shall prove itself for you in every drop of this
tincture! Don't be fooled by imitators who's products do not contain

 © 2015 - This Novelty/Entertainment
container was sold empty. Do not ingest any contents, edible or
otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!

You Too Can Be a Shameless Trollop!

Just a tiny bit in your tea, wine or coffee and you'll find
before long that you've "accidentally" torn the trousers off of the
nearest 8 Men, and obtained GREAT relief through a variety of
activities too lewd and explicit to print on this medicine label.

"My wife Daisy took only a single drop of Lady Heatherton's Tincture of
Strumpet at dinner time. She got up to put the cat out, and came back
six hours later smelling of booze and men's cologne. Then she got into
bed with me, still wearing her high-heeled shoes. What happened after
that I ain't tellin'. BOY HOWDY!! "   - Satisfied Customer

Dive into a sea of bachelors and take your pick! Sip regular
doses of this WONDROUS and Transformative Tonic! Boys will weep with
despair that they can NEVER have you! Men will brutally murder each
other simply to hold your hand!

A Wicked, Panting, Sex-Starved, Elegant Coquette in Every Dose!