How Old Am I? When I was born Mungo was a cool name! . . . Take my Tablets and look me up when the sun finally explodes.

Do You Hide a Subtle and Whispering Wish Not to Die?

Well, Congratulations Worthy Patron! You now hold in your hand
the bottle that contains your IMMORTALITY! Sure, Everyone SAYS the
secret of living forever is to simply "Not Die", But until Now what
could anyone DO about it? King Mungo's Anti-Death Tablets are the long
sought solution to the universal riddle "How do we avoid Snuffing It?"

" I did not take King Mungo's remedy." ( says skull image )
DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! ( massive finger pointing at skull )

Each Swallowed Pill is 100% GUARANTEED to provide 12 Hours of
relief from worry over not having taken a dose within the last 12 hours !

Face ALL DANGER AND ILLNESS with an invincible smile! If you
suffer the inconvenience of death while taking The King's Formula,
simply write us a note and return your un-used portion of tablets for a

© 2015 - This Novelty/Entertainment
container was sold empty. Do not ingest any contents, edible or
otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!

!! The Grim Reaper Will Be On The Dole !!

We presented His Majesty's new MIRACLE DRUG to a massive
gathering of International Physicians and told them of its Cure-All
Power! Friend, ALL OF THE DOCTORS THERE stood with their jaws agape and
stared at us in mute and stunned silence! Clearly, Doctors the world
over are cringing in terror that they will soon be reduced to wretched,
worthless scum, getting their daily bread by murder, theft or politics!

"I took only a SINGLE DOSE of King Mungo's Anti-Death Tablets and I woke
up breathing the very next morning !!" - Satisfied Customer

This Unique Formula has proven 100% untested against ALL of
these crippling ailments : Lumbago * Vertigo * wellz-far-go * Simpatico
* Embargo * Win-a-bay-go *Almost-good-to-go * It's-a-real-van-go
*puppy-gotta-go * A-Tough-Row-To-Hoe and Catarrh!


IN THE EVENT OF OVER-DOSAGE: Crouch low under the nearest
table, hold your head in both hands and rock back and forth while
moaning loudly.
A Pill That PROVES Itself Effective Every Time You
Are Alive To Swallow It!