Make no mistake about it. I AM God's gift to women. . . .These Gigolo Drops are MY gift to humanity.

Are you prepared to conquer the Fairer Sex ?

!!Stand Ready to FLEE Voracious Hordes of Beauties!!

Do women cast you aside like a simpering, unappealing and annoying
toad? Are you weary of being treated like a superfluous, needy,
wretched begging clown? Have you had your fill of being slapped
senseless and sprayed with mace every time you sit near an attractive
young woman and dare to breathe air in her vicinity? Well Brother, Take
heart, Take a deep breath, Take My Astonishing and Miraculous "Gigolo
Drops", and Take your first bold steps toward your new life as an
Irresistible STUD !!!


With a daily diet of wholesome foods, regular
exercise and large doses of my tasty tablets, Your Life will be
transformed! Restraining orders will be torn up before your eyes by the
very same lovely girls that swore them out against you! They will
suddenly BEG to be permitted in your presence! Your muscles will
increase in strength and girth as you learn to walk again while having
delicate sweet nymphs draped over your shoulders and clinging
desperately to your thighs as they cry out your name!

© 2015 - This Novelty/Entertainment
container was sold empty. Do not ingest any contents, edible or
otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!

Now it is YOUR TURN to be the "Heart Breaker" !

Imagine the satisfaction of witnessing super models begin to
hyperventilate and drool when you stride manfully into a room! The
"girl next door" will fall prostrate at your feet gazing up at you with
unreasoning madness and animal LUST! Revel in the RAW POWER of spoiling
women for all other men! Laugh in jaunty contempt as you spurn their
pleas for your attention! Live in COMPLETE COMFORT, as wealthy women by
the dozen lavish you with Automobiles, Luxury Villas and Bulging Bags
of CASH!

"I took only a SINGLE DOSE of Hunk Holloway's Gigolo Drops, and I was
running in fear for my life from armed and jealous boyfriends and
husbands! . . . Which . . . is a good thing. . .Right? " - Satisfied

The swift and smooth road to your fully satisfied desire lies
waiting within this bottle friend! Don’t be a milquetoast! Be hot as a
monkey! Salt as a wolf in pride! As Prime as a goat and a fool as gross
as ignorance made drunk! (‘Cause chicks really dig that). My ROMANTIC
REMEDY Balances the Humours, Restores all Vigor, Tops Off Your
Gumption, Sass and Moxie!  *AND* Kicks Fatigue right
in the Fork!

A Flashing Smile, A Smoldering Eye and A Pelvic
Thrust in Every Dose!