I shall smoke my cigar anywhere I please woman ! . . . And I'll flick the ashes onto your insipid fluffy cat for good measure!

! Take Note Young Man! Women are ON THE PROWL !

Are you fed up with women and all their vicious tantrums,
torrents of tears and relentless kicks to your groin? Are women sapping
your strength, gobbling up your time and constantly demanding that you
LISTEN to their pointless yammering?   It has been
said that DIAMOND is the hardest thing in the universe. Brother the
authorities are dead wrong! The hardest thing in the universe is the
little finger of a dame wrapping you around it!

 Every dose of this remedy is charged with Doctor
Boilergrunt's Patented "Male-Ek-Yool" activators! Use your own body’s
MANLINESS as a shield against women by activating its natural defenses!
Let those intolerable squawking hens know that you will not put up with
their Pink Hued Prattle! Exude an aura of grim intolerance that will
drive those pesky nymphs right out of the room !

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empty. Do not ingest any contents, edible or otherwise, unless you placed it in here yourself!

!! Dames Beware! These Pills Don't Like You !!

Look around you son! Witness your poor fellows being dragged
around by scheming young damsels to tedious tea parties, stupid stage
dramas and infuriating flower shows! Take a few of these pills. The
next time she asks if her garment makes her posterior look enlarged,
you will answer YES! When she begins to shriek at you and stick you
with her hat pins, simply stuff some money in her hand and send her off
to buy new shoes.

"I took only a SINGLE DOSE of Doctor Boilergrunt's Anti-Women Pills. Women
not only won't bother me, they won't come anywhere NEAR me! So . . .
basically . . . no change."    - Satisfied Customer

Already Married? Then you need this medicine more than ANYONE!
Take a healthy dose and when you sit down to smoke a pipe and read your
newspaper, your ears will automatically seal shut and block all sudden
"urgent" calls for you to get up and paint the porch, take out the
trash, walk the dog, scold Junior, unclog the sink or ANY of a THOUSAND
reasons the silly wench will come up with that assures you are NEVER at
ease in your own home! Friend, you have EARNED your leisure!. These
pills will insure that you GET IT !!!

A Hammer Head Cloud of Chick Repellent In Every Dose !